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Drug Store News has been the voice of the retail drug industry for over seven decades. Forty thousand industry professionals read this publication for its timely coverage of industry news, merchandising trends and pharmacy developments. Its authoritative articles and studies provide extensive coverage of every major segment of chain drug retailing and combination stores, keeping it number one in readership.
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The Dose is an extension of the National Community Pharmacists Association’s role as The Voice of the Community Pharmacist. Visitors can expect to find updates and information on the value of, challenges to, and opportunities for independent community pharmacy today and in the future. Common topics are likely to include government and public policy related to pharmacy, NCPA activities and broader industry trends. We hope community pharmacy professionals, students, and others with an interest in these topics will benefit from this resource.
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Attorney Eric Schneiderman is asking health insurance firms to let people use their local pharmacies rather than mail-order firms when it comes to specialty prescriptions, such as those for some forms of cancer and chronic ailments such as Psoriasis and Crohn's Disease.
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